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9 oz Box

9 Oz Box9 scrumptious chocolate truffles in our signature box. Each box is finished with a raffia tie and a card containing a bit of chocolate lore. The cards are randomly attached so you’re likely to get a different one each time you order. The “truffle map” on the inside of the lid shows which truffle is which. A unique and special gift for birthdays, holidays or to say  thank-you. The perfect hostess gift for any gathering. Whatever the occasion--the 9 oz box is sure to be appreciated.

I received the 9 oz box as a Christmas gift from a dear friend and coworker that raves about your truffles! I sampled them with my best friend. We took the tiniest bites and savored them as they melted in our mouths! The complexity and power of the flavors were amazing! I was a Godiva nut. . .not anymore! Kudos to you from a major chocoholic!

Roseville Michigan

Available in these assortments:

The Full Bloom Assortment Youll get 1 each of Milk Chocolate Caramel, Salted Dark, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate Orange, Vanilla Rose and White Chocolate.
     Price Each - $26.99

The Dark Chocolate Assortment Includes 2 each of Salted Dark, Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coffee Bean. 1 each of: Darkest Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Cherry.
     Price Each - $26.99

The Milk Chocolate Assortment Includes 2 each of Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and 1 each of: Milk Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Pomegranate, Milk Chocolate Orange, Sticky Bun and Vanilla Rose.
     Price Each - $26.99

The White Chocolate Assortment has 3 White Chocolate and 2 each of: Lemon Drop, White Chocolate Latte and White Chocolate Strawberry.
     Price Each - $26.99

All-One-Flavor  A whole box (9 truffles) of your favorite flavor to enjoy--or give as a gift. Specify flavor on next screen (click here for flavor descriptions). 
     Price Each - $26.99

“My friend received the package yesterday afternoon. He was blown away by the taste and texture of your chocolate!

Lorton, Virginia

Don't See an Assortment you Like? Our "2fers" Give You More Flexibility.

Does the Full Bloom have everything except that one you want to try?  Consider adding a 2fer or 2 to your order to get just what you want!

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to make custom boxes. Because our truffles are all handmade and so labor intensive, we've made our priority creating the best truffles possible. As a small, artisan chocolate company, we have decided to limit the options a bit so we can keep our focus on what we consider most important. Although it might seem simple, it's actually quite a process to create a custom package that has accurate labeling, which we are required by law to do. Some day, we hope to be able to offer custom assortments, but for now, our 2fers allow you to choose just the flavors you want. Thanks for your understanding!

“Let me thank you for the many happy moments you have given my wife. Few things in life excite her more than opening a box of your truffles and absorbing every sweet vapor. She behaves like a wine lover with a rare vintage. First, the aroma, then she will read the 'truffle map' as if it was a lost scripture, and after about 5 minutes she will make her selection, then ever so slowly the first bite. Her reaction can only be described as a whole body smile. Total bliss! Again, thank you.

Holden, Massachusetts

Gift Card

Personalized all-occasion gift card available. Simply type your message in the Gift Card section of the order form. We’ll do the rest!

i found your company just by doing a search on for "truffles" and looked at a couple sites and thought your website and testimonials were impressive. been buying them from you for girlfriend and she says they're the best she's ever had and she's a truffle aficionado. so we both recommend your site anytime we hear anybody bring the word "truffle" up. they're absolutely phenomenal.

Charlotte, North Carolina


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